What is a Wingcard anyway? It’s a handy tool card, the size of a credit card, 2 mm thick. You can carry it in your purse or pocket as a ready helper in an emergency. It will be a loyal companion. At least one of our Wingcards will certainly meet your needs. Or maybe they all suit you? Take your pick from among our little “Reliables” –  you won’t regret it.

The Business Idea

Start-ups here and start-ups there – no matter where you look young business ideas sprout up. We are young, too, and felt we would like to get involved in the trend. We ­– Basti, Nicolas and Benni – had thought about some edc-gadgets; so on February 2, 2017 we decided to develop a tool card for HTL students [HTL being Austrian for Secondary Technical Schools]. For a very simple reason: Which HTL student does not know the situation when you have, once more, forgotten important tools at home and have to face your teacher’s well-known glance – a mixture of pity, sneer and resignation?

We are a group of just such students, industrial engineers of the HTL Bulme Graz, Austria. So we decided to design a “cheat sheet” for all forgetful students, a tool card with 18 functions in emergencies.
In due time, we considered variations on this original. And in the end we turned out five different versions of it.

They are:


That’s the ideal tool card for school life! No more stress when you’ve forgotten to pack your compass or tools. This card is a real trouble-shooter. You are thirsty and the stupid bottle has no screw cap – don’t panic, the bottle opener saves you. And should you, though a technician, actually want some fruit: the orange peeler saves your fingernails. Last not least, when things get really boring in the classroom the mobile phone holder lets you have you the perfect view of it, while leaving your hands free.

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Most convenient when you are cycling! You happen to have a loose spoke? No problem, the spoke wrench helps you tighten it. You have to tighten your nuts? To be sure, all sizes of hex wrenches are available on this tool card.

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“Adventure without frustration” is assured with this card. When your friends have forgotten their hex wretch in their messy booth, you can help out with it. And at the campfire there is no need any longer to fight for the pasta. From now on, there should always be enough because the spaghetti hole knows how much a hungry outdoor fan needs.

Whether hex key, bit holder and screwdriver – they’re all there, fitting into the smallest pocket in your backpack. Cell-phone holder and bottle opener complete the program and will make for a relaxed evening.

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This is the tool card for all companies looking for a great little giveaway for special customers or useful prizes in a competition. A keychain with your logo and a most important utensil for men and women alike: a shopping cart chip for the next big purchase at a supermarket, always at hand on the keychain.

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Here you have the perfect companion for the golfer. No need to get annoyed any more if the golf ball has left a mark in the putting green. The pitchfork on the “Golf” Wingcard will repair it immediately.

And after a long game when you thirst for some refreshment, the bottle opener will open any type of capped bottle.

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Together we were 1800 months old in the founding month. All in all, our lifelong learning already exceeds 96 years. More than 1500 hours of those we have successfully spent as summer interns. A lot of experience, wouldn’t you say?


Sebastian Schlag (Corporate Management, Co-founder)
Head of Construction and Sales
„When you put Basti on the computer, something clever will come of it, design included.“


Nicolas Pfob (Deputy General Manager, Co-Founder)
Head of Marketing and Controlling
„Not only does Nicolas have an excellent sense of numbers, he also knows how to put ideas into action.“


Benjamin Greilberger (Deputy General Manager, Co-Founder)
Head of Production and Purchasing
„For Benni, quality is his foremost criterion, the measure of all things. His keen eyes never fail. „


Paola Dorner


Lisa Feiertag
Sales and Social Media


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