Three boys | three girls

Together we were 1800 months old in the founding month. All in all, our lifelong learning already exceeds 96 years. More than 1500 hours of those we have successfully spent as summer interns. A lot of experience, wouldn’t you say?


Sebastian Schlag (Corporate Management, Co-founder)
Head of Construction and Sales
„When you put Basti on the computer, something clever will come of it, design included.“


Nicolas Pfob (Deputy General Manager, Co-Founder)
Head of Marketing and Controlling
„Not only does Nicolas have an excellent sense of numbers, he also knows how to put ideas into action.“


Benjamin Greilberger (Deputy General Manager, Co-Founder)
Head of Production and Purchasing
„For Benni, quality is his foremost criterion, the measure of all things. His keen eyes never fail. „


Paola Dorner


Lisa Feiertag
Sales and Social Media


Anika Kasper
Sales and Social Media