The Business Idea

Start-ups here and start-ups there – no matter where you look young business ideas sprout up. We are young, too, and felt we would like to get involved in the trend. We ­– Basti, Nicolas and Benni – had thought about some edc-gadgets; so on February 2, 2017 we decided to develop a tool card for HTL students [HTL being Austrian for Secondary Technical Schools]. For a very simple reason: Which HTL student does not know the situation when you have, once more, forgotten important tools at home and have to face your teacher’s well-known glance – a mixture of pity, sneer and resignation?

We are a group of just such students, industrial engineers of the HTL Bulme Graz, Austria. So we decided to design a “cheat sheet” for all forgetful students, a tool card with 18 functions in emergencies.
In due time, we considered variations on this original. And in the end we turned out five different versions of it.

They are: